At CAMREO, we maintain high standards and believe our success depends on the quality of service we deliver to our clients. Although our technology helps us achieve great success, our technology alone can never replace the good people that make this company great. We value every employee and every vendor that helps us achieve this success. We are committed to delivering the best possible service to our clients, bringing excellent and affordable housing to our communities, bringing prosperity to the company, its employees, and business vendors, and providing training and education to our employees and agents to set the standards, and to become the company of choice for your valuation and REO management needs.


To provide our clients with the most comprehensive REO management and valuation service by delivering a high-level practical industry experience. To set up the standards of REO Management, provide education and the latest technologies to our employees and vendors to make them successful in the industry of REO. To provide decent and affordable housing to our communities and to become the choice of REO management.


At CAMREO, our corporate culture is among our greatest strengths. Since the start of our company, our employees have contributed to great ideas that have helped structure this organization into what it is today; a great company to work for where great ideas match our core values, thus producing excellent service at each tier level.