REO Asset Management

Preservation and Disposition

CAMREO, LLC offers real estate lenders and investors a complete solution to REO management and disposition nationwide. We specialize in liquidating single and multi-family residences, land, and commercial properties so that we can sell your properties faster and more efficiently. Our technology and proven management expertise enable us to decrease losses and reduce recovery time. We also offer a range of evaluation products, including broker price opinions, automated valuation models, appraisal management services, and property condition inspections.

REO Asset Management by CAMREOCOM

What We Do
We are a full-service liquidation company that monitors the foreclosure process, from the initial legal action through the sale of the property. We handle evictions, if necessary, contact the repair and maintenance, list the property, take the closing, and deliver your check. Throughout the process, you save time and money.

How We Do It
Our approach offers you many unique advantages. Our full range of services is designed to reduce your cost and save you time throughout the disposition process from foreclosure through redemption and final sales, as well as the management of potential REO. Here is what sets Corporate Asset Management apart:

Information System Management

Our customized reporting system and database provide detailed REO statistics and information. And our “Potential REO” report will follow all new foreclosures and track sale dates and redemptions.  With our regular reporting system, you can track all foreclosures and monitor accounts that have been cured or paid off before foreclosure completion.

  • Complete Property Security

Vacant properties are secured immediately and monitored throughout the foreclosure process to help prevent vandalism. We change locks and place warning signs in visible street windows with a 24-hour hotline number posted for immediate contact. We assist the sheriff and attorney when evictions are necessary.

We contract all maintenance and repair to an insured contractor and monitor all work to ensure completion and quality. We employ winterization/de-winterization of properties, snow removal, yard maintenance, trash-out, lock-change, rehab, etc.

  • Expert Legal Counsel

We work closely with your law firm or established law firms nationwide, specializing in real estate law and foreclosures. We carefully monitor all legal aspects of the foreclosure process through the final sale.

  • Timely Information Reporting

We provide detailed monthly inspections and status reports. Our monthly reports include information such as the property’s condition, the number of showings, a summary of offers to date, and Agents’ recommendations.

  • Representation of Your Interests

We provide active assistance and representation at all title company closings. Once the property has closed, we offer you a complete, detailed “Sold” file for your records and retain copies of your REO properties for five years.

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