REO Rental Management

(REO Property Management)

CAMREO offers REO rental management solutions to investors nationwide on single and multi-family residential homes. We help promote decent housing and elevate ownership interest to many prospective tenants. All tenants are equally screened, and qualified candidates are placed into a six or twelve months rental program, followed by mortgage education and a pre-qualification process determined to lead to a purchase. Most prospective buyers have little knowledge about mortgage financing, and many have not even seen a 1003 mortgage application. Our goal is to educate consumers, promote affordable housing by investing in our communities, and stop the continued volume of foreclosures in local neighborhood markets. By stabilizing local markets, we can effectively transform less desirable homes into admirable houses, raise ownership pride, and create a better economy for our neighborhoods.

REO Rental Management by CAMREOCOM

REO Rental Management – We can help you manage and turn your non-productive REO assets into monthly income-producing capital. CAMREO screens all tenants using factual data tenant score systems (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion), which checks for prior rental history, debt-income ratios, and credit scores. Additionally, we call all references, employers, and previous rental management companies to ensure good-paying tenants.  As your REO property manager, we provide you with complete management of all REO rentals and send you a monthly reconciliation report with a check.   You will have access to your rental properties online 24/7, including rental status, property maintenance, and tenant details.  We use state-licensed real estate attorneys on all our real estate needs and state-approved forms, including our lease agreements and notices.

Features and Benefits:

  • Stop Deterioation – as the homes are maintained and occupied, the property will stop deteriorating and begin appreciating.     
  • Income Producing Property- the property will begin to produce capital cash flow and offset losses you may have incurred as an REO.
  • Increased Market Value- the homes’ Value will spike up due to good maintenance and responsible tenants.  
  • Future Buyer – by using our well-managed tenant screening services, we can match the right prospect/buyer to your property.
  • Decrease Recurring Monthly Maintenance the tenants will be responsible for most of the recurring expenses reducing your obligations.
  • Happy Neighbors – most neighbors are happy to see vacant homes with prospective buyers. 
  • Contribution to Local Market Economy – as home ownership pride continues to grow, the local market economy will scale up.   
  • Municipal Compliance- we help ensure that all properties are maintained within the municipal code and avoid any nuisance.
  • IAG  and Regulatory Compliance – we follow best landlord/tenant practices and meet IAG regulations and HUD housing requirements.
  • Monthly Reporting – you will get a reconciliation report with a check for all your properties and details of all incomes and expenses. 
  • Monitor the Value – you may order any of our valuation products to monitor the Value of your portfolio.