AVM Real Estate
(AVM Reports)

CAMREO offers an array of AVM products tailored to various specific needs. You may consider our AVM products if your business goals require fast, accurate, and consistent reporting.

Many lenders and investors request a blend of various AMVs to maximize accuracy and coverage. We also have a hybrid report that combines an AVM with an onsite inspection of the subject property. This report is used to validate the property condition more accurately. An AVM is an excellent valuation assessment tool for portfolio, second or third reviews, and mortgage tracking valuation over time.

Automated Valuation Models by CAMREO

Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is commonly used by investors, lenders, and hedge funds for loan review, sale, or transfer. The AVM is an automatic and scientific analysis driven by specific valuation standard rules. It provides an estimate of real property with almost 100% accuracy. The report can provide a broader analysis of a real estate market based on the AVM-specific values of homes in a defined area, particular type, or a determined price tier.

Features and Benefits:

  • Portfolio Review – the AVM offers fast and cost effective tool to value a pool of properties.
  • Mortgage Tracking – perfect tool when assessing risk exposure or considering separating a portfolio of properties.
  • Alternative Review – can be used to back up or compare other valuations on the same property as an alternative review.
  • Cascade Approach – you can use a blend of multiple AVM products to maximize consistency and accuracy.
  • Unbiased Results – the AVM produces an independent valuation based solely on scientific and analytical rules.
  • Onsite Inspection – when combined with an onsite inspection, the report becomes a hybrid AVM with agent reviews and comments

What’s in an AVM

AVMs are calculated using many different types of property and local market data. No one piece of information or factor alone will determine a property’s value. Instead, CoreLogic AVMs use a broad range of data elements, including

Property identifying information, including address and/or assessor’s parcel number and owner name
Prior sales of the property
Living area/square footage
Year built
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
Lot size
Public record information collected from state and county records, such as deed transfers
Recent sales and listings of similar properties in the local market area
Area pricing trends

Information Accuracy

AVMs do not include a licensed or certified appraiser’s physical or visual property inspection.
Therefore, significant modifications or upgrades to a property not included in the public record data may not be reflected in the AVM value.
Additionally, if the address submitted to the AVM is incorrect, the result will not be accurate. Check the address on the AVM report to verify that it matches the property address, and contact your lender if it does not.

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