Exterior Broker Price Opinions by CAMREOCOM

BPO Real Estate

(Drive-by BPO) Turnaround time: 3 days Standard or two days Rush

Exterior BPO – is the essential alternative valuation tool for financial institutions currently pursuing home equity lines of credit, refinancing, loss mitigation, and collection efforts. CAMREO employs competent local licensed BPO Real Estate professionals that know the local market to perform exterior broker price opinions and property inspections.  The drive-bpo includes an onsite inspection, subject property commentary, neighborhood conformity, exterior photos, and three active and three sold comparable. This report is submitted to real-time system QC and our second tier of in-house review before it is delivered to our clients.   The BPO Real Estate report can also be combined with AVM products to provide an additional layer of accuracy. 

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Interior Broker Price Opinions by CAMREOCOM

Interior Broker Price Opinions

(Interior BPO) Turnaround time: 4 days Standard two days Rush

This 3-page report provides detailed marketing information about the subject property, conformity to the neighborhood, sales activity, three sold and three active comparables, damage report with final value adjustments, and interior and exterior photos. This report has almost all the characteristics found in a traditional and employs real-time QC and second-tier internal review before its final delivery. Our interior BPOs, like all of our valuation products, meet IAG requirements. It is a perfect tool for mortgage lending, secondary opinion, HOI coverage, or risk exposure assessment.

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Hybrid Valuations by CAMREOCOM

Hybrid Valuations

(Hybrid BPO) Turnaround time: 2 days Standard one day Rush

This report is available as an interior or exterior version. It combines an AVM and the traditional onsite property inspection by our real estate agent. The report includes exterior photos, extensive commentary about the subject property, and three active and three sold comparable. The client will receive a complete hybrid BPO report with real-time QC and second-tier human review. This valuation is ideal if your business goals require an immediate valuation with an onsite inspection of the property condition.

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